Monday, February 8, 2010

"A Book From Behind"

A lesson no one must miss ouut from your JJ, it’s beeen a pleassure taking on old juicy cunts and this is one in also the same mature felmale sex experience. This was nonoe other than my own teacher in Chennai, she was well into her 40’s when this happened to me while I was only 28 and trying to learn French.
"One more lesson," she had said.

"Next time, I want you to fuck me," she had said.

For a week, I had been looking forward to today with anticipation and relief. I promised myself that this last lesson would be unforgettable for the both of us. And I was relieved, because I sure didn’t want this to go any farther. Neither one of us needed any complications.

She arrived right on time, 9:00 AM, with a smile on her face.

"Hi Susila," I said. "Tell you what, to give us more time for the lesson, I'll do the downstairs and you do the upstairs."

"That's OK with me. I can't wait long anyway."

Susila got the cleaning supplies organized and went upstairs while I started in my bedroom. The anticipation energized me and I quickly finished all the work given to me by her.

My penis had already become semi-erect from the anticipation. Suddenly, I felt a hand reach from behind me and grab my penis. Startled, I turned the book over.

"I'm done and I'm ready for my lesson," Susila told me. "Why don’t you stop now and I'll finish what's left before I leave?"

Before I could answer, she took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom. She pulled my shirt over my head. I unbuttoned her nighty. She was not wearing a bra. I looked at her perfectly shaped breasts and said, "Susila, your body is absolutely fantastic!"

"I like what you have too," Susila said. She smiled and kneeled down. Pulling my shorts and underwear off, she exposed my now erect penis. Bending over it, she gave it a lick with her tongue.

I took her by her shoulders, stood her up, and pulled off her panty. She, too, was already aroused. I could see the wetness around her opening.

Both naked now, I drew her toward me and held her body next to mine. She adjusted herself so that my penis thrust between her legs. She began rotating her hips, rubbing her clitoris against my erection. We both moaned with pleasure.

"Not so fast, Susila," I said. "I want this lesson to last."

I took her hand and walked us to the bed. We lay side by side. I wet a finger and began stroking her breasts and nipples. She turned toward me, sliding my penis between her legs. I started caressing her shoulders and back. Soon, her fingers were meandering back and forth across mine. She began to move her hips again, but I told her to stop. I worked my hands to her buttocks, squeezing and kneading them. I took my middle finger and ran it across her anus. Her breath caught. Her body twitched involuntarily.

"Susila," I said softly, "Have you noticed how sensitive your anus is?"

"Ummmm, yes, and don't you dare stop."

"Turn over and get up on your knees. Let's spend some time pleasuring you there today."

She turned away from me, rolled on her stomach, and brought her knees under her body. I took a moment to look at her round cheeks. They were perfect. I couldn't see a blemish anywhere.

I moved her to the edge of the bed and told her to lay her face down. I stroked her cheeks for a moment. Then, parting her cheeks.

"Susila, I'm going to fuck you from behind," I heard myself say. "When you feel my penis against your anus, press back against it. Let it enter you slowly. If you tell me to stop, I will. Immediately."

I moistened myself with the juices running down her legs. Placing my erection at her anal opening, I rubbed it back and forth for a few moments. Then I pushed lightly against her. Tentatively, she backed against me. I could feel myself begin to slip inside. Slowly she took me farther and farther. I pulled back slightly and gently pushed back in. After several thrusts, she was matching my rhythm. I reached for her nipples again and began pulling and twisting them. She moved her hips away from me, almost letting my penis out, then backing toward me, pulled it in again. She began breathing faster, pumping her hips faster. She found her clitoris with one hand and began to massage it furiously. All too soon, I could feel myself starting to come. Susila felt it too and gripped my penis tightly with her sphincters. I grabbed her hips and pulled her toward me, thrusting my penis fully into her anal opening. I screamed, "I'm coming." As my semen burst out, she arched her back and came with me.

We collapsed on the bed, with my penis still firmly implanted in her anus. It softened, slid out, and I turned on my back.

"That felt so ... so ... incredible," Susila exclaimed.

I started to get up.

"Where are you going," She asked.

"I'm going to wash my penis off," I responded.

"Let me do it," she said. I watched her head for the bathroom, admiring her cheeks again. I smiled, knowing that I had just been between them.

She returned with a soapy wash cloth. Holding my penis, she washed the tip, around the head, and up and down the shaft. I lay back thoroughly enjoying the sensuous moment. In no time, she had me erect again.

"OK, Leto. You've had your fun. Now I want you to fuck me. No preliminaries, not slow, not gentle, just fuck me as hard as you can."

I rolled her on her back and forced her legs apart with my knees. I yelled, "Wrap your legs around my waist!" Grabbing my penis I found her opening and shoved it inside. I pulled back and drove it in again. Susila gasped. I took her legs and put them on my shoulders. I thrust back and forth with all the energy I could muster. She moved her legs back around my thighs.

"I can feel your penis against my clit better this way," she cried.

Our hips found a rhythm. I would pull almost completely out of her then she would take me back in. I could feel the tip of my penis pounding against the back of her hole. Her body began to shudder. With one final thrust, I went as deep as I could and held myself there, lifting slightly to push against her clitoris. She pushed back to increase the pressure.

Susila came with a scream, covering us with her juices. At the same time, I felt my come as it burst up my shaft and erupted into her. I began fucking her again. We lost consciousness of how long we fucked. We had no idea of the number of orgasms she had before I came a second time. We were in a world of intense pleasure; pure sex, pure lust, pure fucking.

Finally, Susila became limp. No longer able to hold myself up, I collapsed beside her.

For a long time, we said nothing.

"Susy, you are amazing. You are the best fuck I ever had. Nothing could ever top this."

"Leto, I couldn't even have imagined what you made me feel today. Everything was so intense."

We lay silent again, reluctant to move.

After a while, Susila said, "One more time, please?"

"Getting greedy, aren't you," I laughed.

"I figure I already have an 'A.' I want an 'A+."

"You already have the top grade, Susila, but if you want it, I'll be happy to accommodate you."

So we fucked again, this time more slowly, savoring the sensations we were giving each other.

"You are a great teacher," Suzy said as she was getting dressed.

"And you are a teacher's dream," I responded.

Her lessons were over, but every now and then, we would have a "brush-up" session so that she would not get out of practice and lose what she had learned. Your JJ had infacvt got a A+ Grade at the French exams, feedbacks to

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Cool evening In Chennai

31th Dec 2009 a decade passing off peacefully after the "Y2K", a cool Chennai breezes was working as Ashwath sat nude, on the edge of his bed, still a little wet from his recent shower. He stared at the phone in silence, only his half-aroused penis a clue to what he was thinking. Actually there were two thoughts, at the moment, that were at odds with one-another; "I shouldn't, I was just over there a few days ago." and "Boy would I like to."

Ashwath's problem was that he always felt a little guilty about how he had to manipulate Meenu into letting him come over. He knew she didn't like the idea of cheating on her husband, but Ashwath would always manage to coax her into relenting anyway. This had been so for months and he still felt guilty.

Finally he picked up the receiver and punched out the numbers.

"Hello," a breathy female voice answered.


"Who's this?"

"It's Ashwath, c'mon, you know who this is."

"Mm, hello Al. I just didn't expect to hear from you so soon."

"Are you alone?"


"C'mon Meenu, is he there?"

"No Ash. You know he won't be home for hours."

"Good. I was thinking about coming over."

"I don't know Ashwath...."

"Didn't you enjoy yourself last time, don't you always?"


"Maybe, Meenu when I come over there your pussy is always dripping. And you can't wait for me to taste it."

"Ash! You shouldn't talk to me like that."

"And, remember when I shove my cock up your wet pussy how you always yell 'fuck me, fuck me Ashwath...'"

"I do not..."

"And, boy, last time did I ever fuck you, boy did I fuck you and you came again and again and I came..."

"Ashwath, you stop that right now!"

"And then you sucked my dick 'til it was nice and stiff again and you got on top and guided the knob between your pretty dripping pussy lips and sat real fast..."

"Oh! Ashwath, I'm warning you, I'm going to hang up..."

"And I lay back and watched you ride my cock and watched your luscious tits bounce and I squeezed them and pinched your big nipples and I watched my slick cock disappear up your hungry cunt again and again and again..."

"I swear Ash..."

"And you came again but I didn't so I rolled you over and you waved your gorgeous ass at me and I stood behind you and shoved my cock up your hot pussy and fucked you for all I was worth, my balls bouncing off your sexy ass..."


"And then you yelled fuck my ass please fuck my ass you said, so I got the last gob from that hair gel jar I bought you a few weeks ago and stuck it in your ass and then shoved my stiff dick in..."

"Ashwath, I'm getting really, really mad..."

"And you begged me not to stop, not to stop Al and I didn't stop and we both came at the same time and I shot my cum up your tight little ass..."

"That is just about enough..."

"And here I am, Meenu, just out of the shower, sitting on my bed with a raging hard-on, thinking about how good your pussy tastes and your tits taste and how hot and tight your ass is and how good it feels with my cock shoved up it and just thought I'd give you a call. Is that so bad?"


"So how about it? Should I come over?"

"...OK, I guess so. But that doesn't mean I'm going to let you fuck me."

"Sure Meenu, whatever you say."

"With your big stiff cock."

"No problem..."

"And it doesn't mean that I'm going to suck on that big dick of yours 'til you cum in my mouth. And if I do suck your dick it doesn't mean I'm going to swallow your cum and lick your cock and balls clean..."

"Amen, uh sure Meenu."

"So don't think you're going to come over here and fuck me and fuck me repeatedly and make me cum all over your big cock and beg you to fuck me more, like I may have done in the past. Just because you're sitting there naked and all with a big hard-on, don't think my pussy is dripping wet from all your sweet talk."

Ashwath was dressing awkwardly, while juggling the receiver, "I'm on my way Meenu. I'm on my way."

"Well, OK, but remember what I said."

"Sure, sure. Oh Meenu, can I bring anything?"

"Well...I guess you can pick up some kind of lubrication, maybe some more set wet gel. But don't get any ideas, that doesn't mean I'm going to let you fuck me up the ass with that nice big stiff dick of yours, like you always do."

"I'm on my way Meenu. I'm on my way."

"That doesn't mean that I'll be thinking of those handsome big shoulders and strong arms of yours and that I'll be waiting here all showered and perfumed and naked and hungry for your cock and hot for you."

"Sure thing honey." Ashwath hung up, smiling as he ran out the door, "Works every time," he thought.

Meenu hung up and grinned as she began to strip, singing aloud to herself, while she danced towards the bathroom and the shower, "Works every time, works every time..." Zoom went the SKODA Z4 two seater fully loaded race machine to Mylapore where Meenu lived. Your comments please to

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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Sensual Apocalypses

A JJ Submission:

Date: 27th October 2009 was something different from the ordinary in Chennai & it was the one thing everyone in Chennai looked. As I went through the morning news paper the met dept., announced the NE monsoon is delayed by 10 days. How true it was raining outside from 3 in the morning. Around the globe Tamil community alone knows the met dept., prediction as a hilarious comedy when the heavens pour Chennai schools will function & later the forecast will be out as more rains to lash eastern coast within the next 48 hours. By God the sun will out early the next day...

It was a Chill afternoon just like Christmas season. I bunked work and was resting happily on the sofa in my apartment in the hall with my shirt open, trying to catch as much blowing air from my ceiling fan as I possibly could. My eyes were closed but I was far from being asleep.

My eyes came open when I heard a knock on my door. I wasn't expecting any visit from anybody on that day – it was merely one of those days when I preferred being alone with myself and my thoughts. I got up and went and opened the door.

"Hi there, Chris," Asha said. She lived in the opposite flat. She was a definitely pretty sight around the apartment, and on that day she was looking like something that had just stepped out of a modeling line up, the way her long legs stuck out of her denim skirt. The way her pert-looking breasts nearly seemed like missile cones as they pushed themselves outward of her white cotton sleeveless blouse, the sparking smile on her lips ... it was enough to make any man's tongue slip out of his mouth like that of a salivating wolf. A good thing that at that moment I wasn't in any mood to be moved by such.

"Hey there, Asha," I said. She always liked it when I called her such; it was our own personal secret. "What's up with you?"

She shrugged and said, "Nothing much seen your car in the parking. Just thought I should stop by and see how you're doing. It's been a while. Mind if I come in?"

My left eyebrow went up an inch. Though Asha and I were friends, she'd never before made any attempt to step into my domain. God knows I've tried so many times in the past to make her accept my offer till I finally gave up on it, figuring it wasn't worth the trouble anymore. If she was aware of it, it didn't register on her face. I made way for her to step in before closing back the door.

She spotted the pillow lying on the far end of the sofa on which my head had earlier resting on before she came and went over to sit beside it before continuing. Are you ok? looking a little ill & tired Asha asked.

Fine thought I should rest it out, that's all. Can I get you something to drink?"

"Any soft drink will be nice," she said with that smile back on her lips.

I left her and went into the little room bedside my bedroom which served as our kitchen. I opened the fridge and took out two can Cokes and returned to the hall, handing one of the over to her. She thanked me before popping the tab; we clicked our cans and muttered 'cheers' to each other before taking a sip. An awkward silence suddenly appeared in the room; she soon broke it.

"So, what were you up to before I knocked?"

"Nothing serious," I said. "Just lying here thinking about something."

"Oh yeah, what was it?"

I shrugged. "Can't really put my finger to it – just something beautiful."

Asha sipped her Coke; her eyes stared into mine. "Something beautiful you say," her hand then came up and rested on my thigh. "Can you describe it to me – what beautiful thing it was that you were busy thinking about?"

My hand fell on top of hers; her fingers played with each other. "I wish I could, but can't remember it anymore."

"Perhaps you need a little something to help you remember then."

"Yes, perhaps I do."

I didn't need any soothsayer to draw me a picture of what I had in front of me; already I was starting to feel a growing urge in the seat of my jeans. I brought my hand to her neck and pulled her towards me. Asha came willingly and our lips met in a warm kiss.

I broke the connection for a moment and looked at her. "All those times that I tried asking you out, I always figured you never wanted to have anything to do with me."

"I know," Asha nearly whispered with her lips close to my face. "I guess I was just bidding my time, wanting to know how serious things would be for me."

"What makes you say so?"

"Because for a long time now, I just can't seem to take my mind off you."

Our lips locked again, and this time it stayed locked unto each other for a long time while our hands and body moved and rubbed against each other, feeling each other up. My right hand made its way under her blouse to grab a hold of her breast while hers traveled down towards the bulge in the center of my jeans. I raised her blouse up and transferred my mouth to her breast, hearing Asha moan at the same time nibble on my ear lobe while her hand tried fumbling for my belt buckle. I undid the buckle for her and pulled my erection out for her to grab a good hold on and then transferred my hand to feel the roundness of her ass that lay hidden under her skirt. When I was done with Asha's left breast, I made a move for the other, my teeth playing hungrily with her nibble while she went on moaning and stroking my dick as hard as she could.

I then stopped to push my jeans down my thighs and reclined myself properly on the sofa while she leaned over and swallowed me up. Asha gave a long moan in her throat as she cupped my balls in her left hand while her other continued to stroke my dick as she continued bobbing her head with her sucking motion. I felt myself surrender to the swirl of emotion; my mouth made gasping sounds from her sucking while my hand pulled her skirt up her ass as I then inserted a finger back and forth between the lips of her pussy. Her mouth made slurping sounds as Asha lusciously continued to suck at the same time jerk me off. I allowed myself to fall towards the end of the sofa and raised her right leg over my head, and then I hooked her panties to a corner and started licking her pussy. Asha made muffled sounds as I clipped my lips on the upper flesh of her labia while my tongue flicked back and forth on her clitoris, making her suck me harder.

Finally I made Asha get up, watched her take off her clothes while I pried my feet from my jeans, kicked it to a corner and sat there on the sofa, stroking my stiff member in my hand while at the same enjoying the striptease show Asha was performing before me. She looked even more beautiful standing there naked – like an Egyptian goddess.

I lowered myself a bit as she came and sat on me, her hand reaching between her legs to guide my dick inside her. It felt so warm and soft when I entered Asha, and we both gasped the same time from it. Then she started moving up and down on me, at first slow but soon she began picking up speed, her hands wrapped around my shoulder while Asha started moaning and gasping from what she was doing. She leaned forward to kiss me; our lips locked hungrily unto each other before soon coming apart. I grabbed her breasts with my mouth while my hands squeezed softly on her ass, giving her more impetus to bounce and roll her hips on top of me. Asha muttered my name along with her moans.

"Oh, Chris ... oh, I love you. I love you so much ... "

I was able to push myself up to my feet, carrying Asha along with me and hurried towards the bedroom. I gently lowered her on the bed, holding her legs wide apart and continued hammering her. Asha cried out with delight each time I drove myself with force into her in; loving the sight of watching her creamy pussy juice loiter on my dick each time it came in and out of her.

I then stopped and allowed her turn herself over, resting on her knees and elbows while aiming her ass at me. I first came down on my knees to lick her clitoris, loving the way Asha's legs seemed to quiver from my actions, before rising to my feet again and inserting myself back into her. I held her waist, enjoying the sight of her round ass hitting itself against me as my dick kept pounding her from behind.

"Oh, Chris," Asha gasped between moans, "you fill me up ... oh, please, please don't stop ... don't you stop. You're killing me ... oh fuck me, Chris. Fuck me harder!"

And that was just what I did, I fucked and pounded her as hard as I could, feeling the drumbeat in my chest as sweat poured and dropped from my face while Asha kept up with her loud screaming as she too drove herself back at me each time my dick came out of her almost as if she didn't want to lose me for even a second. I reached a hand under her legs to finger her clitoris while I kept on fucking her.

After a while Asha's body started undergoing a slight spasm, her cries got louder and longer like she was climbing up a wall while she reached a hand to grab hold of my waist, indicating for me to keep up my effort as Asha was about to have herself an orgasm. It was about this same time that I too began feeling a strong urge emanate from deep inside my balls, travelling all the way further towards my dick like a jet plane. At the last minute, I pulled myself out of her and spewed out my juice all over her sweat-covered ass. Such a lovely sight it made as I jerked out the final drop, and then surprisingly returned my dick back inside her and continued to hammer her. A moment later I felt myself growing soft inside her, and that was when I came to a stop.

We both collapsed on the bed, her head resting on my chest, feeling our heartbeat return to normal. We held each other in an embrace, smiling into each others eyes. I raised her head and kissed her. We were still lying there when evening soon arrived and a rain began to splatter outside. To me, it was the start of more good things to come & not just the first rain to hit Chennai for the monsoon season of the year 2009. Comments to

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Fallen Angel

A JJ Submission:

A big, hi to all of you. JJ back with hot story this weekend 5.00 am 9th October 2009 the rain devastated AP resulting in a cool pleasant morning here in Chennnai. Teacher’s colony in Adyar witness the news paper boy and the milkman crisscrossing the road delivering their duties, Dev apartments security guard fell prey to sleep sitting in his chair. The partly commercial building was still in eerie darkness & silent except for the occasional sound of traffic in the distance.

Inside the three bed rooms flat on the third floor slowly Vasanthi’s hair fell across the bed, her body shifting slightly across the white cotton sheets, the velvet soft curve of a milky white leg, thrown carelessly across her lover's own. A soft and gentle sigh left half parted lips as her body turned towards his, slowly, sensually, though she slept on. Vasanthi was blessed with perfect body counters aged mid 40’s & neglected by her husband led to this affair she had with her subordinate at office. Her secret lover ravished her body on occasions like this when her husband was away from town.

Dark eyes opened, tussled bedroom mussed hair fell to his shoulders, as with a still sleepy eye he watched Vasanthi, slowly as she edged her body closer. To him she appeared to be sleeping, gently with one hand he reached out, caressing the soft curve of her milky white velvet thigh, he heard her softly exhale a whimpered breath. Arching a well sculptured brow, he waited.

Her sleeping form softly nestled into him own wakeful one, the softness of Vasanthi’s curves lightly pressing against his own nakedness caused his manhood to twitch, softly yawning he blinked, wondering if she really was awake or sleeping. Either way, he found this a pleasant way to spend the morning, Vasanthi’s softness pressed against him, nestled in tight, he dipped his head nose hovering over her vanilla smelling hair, he breathed in, the delightful scent filling his thoughts, the delicateness of it's perfume serving to only heighten his slowly building excitement.

Vasanthi’s body remained curled into his, soft gentle movements against him, slight touches, soft caresses of silken flesh against flesh. His lips slightly parted as he held in a softened moan of sensual delight. Sleeping, he thought she might be, but he was enjoying the outcome all the same. Slowly he lifted a hand, using the ridges of his fingertip to caress the slender curve of Vasanthi’s hip. His eyes watching her softened movements as she turned slowly, easing herself out from him, his hardening manhood no longer pressed tight into the softness of Vasanthi’s sensual sweet smelling skin as it swept up over her lush behind, as Vasanthi nestled herself onto her back.

Dark eyes filled with lust for her, trailed a sensual path up over the delicate curve of her ankle, slowly up over her calves; he loved how Vasanthi took care of her skin, leaving only milky white flesh everywhere, trailed up slowly along the breath taking curve of Vasanthi’s thighs, and lingered on the jet black hair, softly he drew in a small breath as he continued up over her sensual hips to her firm taut stomach; he reached out a hand holding it lingeringly over Vasanthi’s stomach, wanting to touch but not to wake her, not yet. His eyes continued upwards, over the soft expanse of flesh and slowly to the soft full curve of her breasts, his hand trailed upwards, very close to touching, but still just hovering, the tip of his tongue drew a slow wet path over his lips as he slowly swallowed, it was exquisite torture to have Vasanthi so close, and to not touch, to not caress that body which he adored, worshiped the previous night.

Finally his eyes lingered on those features he knew so well, he noticed her eyes still closed as Vasanthi moved softly on the white cotton sheet, he smiled, shifting silently down the bed, hands with air between them and her silken flesh glided down till they softly settled onto her thighs. He looked up, the dark eyes ever alert as the beauty laid out on the bed before him like a sensual banquet softly drew in a breath, silken legs slightly parting, his eyes trailed slowly back down the wonderful curves of Vasanthi’s body eyes once again settling onto the neatly trimmed black hair between her thighs as he slowly breathing shallowly dipped his head down.

From between softly parted lips his tongue gently caressed Vasanthi’s silken petals, a soft movement as her thighs slowly parted a little more, a softened breath of a barely audible able sighing moan leaving her lips as Vasanthi seemed to remain relaxed. Lifting his head, and with careful movement he moved in between her legs slowly shifting his weight about, and settled himself contently, head dipping back down slowly to once more touch at the trimmed almost musky honey sweet flesh as his tongue gently parted her folds. With softened slow strokes he gently lapped at Vasanthi. Soft, gently sounds of a slowly building arousal fell from between her slightly parted lips. As her silken legs parted a little more, as her body moved ever so slightly in a vague sensual arch.

Gentle hands curled about Vasanthi’s hips, gently caressing her skin with his fingertips, as he moved closer, the soft warm tip of his tongue softly flicking against the softness of her flesh, as slowly he felt her body quiver at his touches. Vasanthi’s body moved gently to a rhythm of it's own to each softened touch of his tongue to her.

Long fingertips stretched out slowly, nails gently scratched the white cotton sheets, and softly the sounds reached his ears. Soft fingers twisted through the white cotton sheets, softened moans left the still slightly parted lips.

Softly his tongue touched Vasanthi gently over and over again; slowly he lifted his head, eyes running up sensual curves. Her body softly moving, silken legs slowly parting further, his hands smoothing down her thighs under the curve of her knees and slowly down over the delicate curve of her calves slowly caressing her ankles, his hands slowly moved over and up her luscious long legs.

Slowly he bent his head down, his eyes drinking in the luscious scene before him, extending his tongue he touched her gently, fingers caressing the gentle curve of her thighs, softened sounds fell from Vasanthi’s lips, grey eyes flickering softly open, a slight lift to her head, before she lowered it, sensual body slowly twisting, pleasure flowing through her body. Enticing Vasanthi’s senses, caressing her sensually with every gentle touch of him to her.

Low moans left her lips slowly, softened cries of his name tumbled from her lips, as he buried his head, his tongue gently parting the folds, sinking down into the soft folds of her petals. Gentle gasps slipped from between Vasanthi’s lips, as her fingers twisted into the white cotton sheet tighter. Her hands gently sliding down over the gentle curves of her bared breasts, touching nipples softly, teasingly, her head turned gently to one side.

Legs parting fully, as Vasanthi drew them slightly up, bent, allowing him full access to her softness. His hands lovingly ran fluttered over the sensual curves of her thighs, tongue softly teasing Vasanthi, as he gently played her like a musical instrument, bringing soft sounds from her lips, his name leaving her lips between low sexy moans, as the pleasure Vasanthi felt curling like a coil down in the pit of her stomach.

Slowly in increased deep within, her legs, her body slowly quivering, as Vasanthi shivered with the anticipation of each touch, each caress, he gave her lovingly. Softening the touch of his tongue, brought slower quivers, as wave after gentle wave of pleasure ran through every inch of her body, the feeling tightening slowly, before heated waves left Vasanthi, he suckled her gently, drinking of her nectar, slowly savoring, as she whimpered softly.

Waves after wave passed through Vasanthi as her body gave into the release that passed through it, the coil seeming to have snapped deep within her, bringing her exceptional pleasure, her breath quickened, the cries becoming softer, as words ceased to be audible, mingling into softened moans, and sighs of his name.

Slowly he lifted his head, finding her long fingers which twisted lovingly into his hair, as slowly he drew himself up her little body, hands uncurling gently from about her thighs, Vasanthi’s body still quivering, his lips softly coming to rest on the curve of her breast as slowly he ran his tongue over it's curves, moving to circle her nipple playfully. Her hands came up under his jaw line, slowly with softened low whimpers drawing him up to have lips softly touch lips.

The sensual taste of Vasanthi, mingled in the kiss, as lips parted to lips, and they kissed deeper. Her hands uncurling fingers from his hair, moving softly down over the curves of his shoulders, fingers teasing him slowly. As tongue met tongue their hands entwined, and Vasanthi ran her foot slowly up over the curve of his calf muscle, the other leg slowly curving over his hip. Slowly her sensual legs wrapped comfortably about his hips, moving against him like silk. Kisses became deeper, softer, and more lingering. More sweet. Pleasure from the feel of Vasanthi’s hands on his sides, runs through him like a sweet spring time river, the feeling ebbing through his body slowly. Her touch soft, sweet, like silk drawn softly across his skin, each time her fingertips moved.

Softly he moaned under the touches of Vasanthi’s silken hands against his flesh, ripples of pleasure ran through him, softly, coaxingly. His hands delicately danced along her sides, fingertips caressing the sides of her breasts. The feel of them pressed tightly, lovingly against his chest, the feel of that silken skin a pure delight to feel so close.

Slowly with a subtle shift of Vasanthi’s hips, she felt his hardness gently tenderly enter her softness, white teeth slowly nibbled at the tip of his tongue, fingertips gently entwined within his hair. The lovers a delicious tangle of limbs on the sea of white cotton sheets. Softened sounds as slowly they moved together as one, each one feeling the exquisite rumbling building within at each soft movement.

Teasingly he ran his fingers through Vasanthi’s hair, his lips softly searching along her jaw line, sliding lovingly down her neck, to nibble, and kiss the softness of her skin. Her back softly arched underneath his attentions given to her. Softly Vasanthi’s sensual lips parted as she shivered. A small fire of pleasure building deep within the pit of her firm stomach as small shudders of pleasure, caused her inner muscles to delightfully, tighten about him, driving him slowly towards distraction, as he easily lost himself within the folds of her.

The two melded into one, each feeling, giving and receiving pleasure. It was intense, it was beautiful, wonderful, and more. Much more. It was the joining of two souls, two soul mates. In the union of their love. As pleasures spiraled higher, both riding the edge of their mutual union to the brink and holding it there. Kisses were fevered, touches were roughly tender, and each bringing the other closer.

Softly mewed sounds left each set of lips as hands twisted into the tumble of white cotton sheet beneath them. Softly murmured words, more sounds, sweet in sound as each reached the edge time and time again, before tumbling over the edge, falling down into the sweet sublime ness of the feeling, the touch of softened skin to hardened muscle.

Softly the lovers lips parted, softened but hurried breathing, bodies mingled together in a sweet tangle of limbs, the air tinged with the soft scent of their love making, the dawn's light lifting slowly in the sky, as lover's hearts slowly began beating slower. As kisses softened, to bare touches, the heady scent twisting about them.

Slowly the two parted, hands slowly relinquishing the hold on the white cotton sheets as eyes met eyes, and soft deliciously bruised lips curved slowly up into smiles, as Vasanthi turned slowly from him onto her side, the white cotton sheet splayed over the paleness of her legs as he curved his lean body in behind Vasanthi, molding in against her, lips softly brushing a shoulder, as slowly the couple drifted off. Passion and lust sated in the act of their mutual love.That’e it folks now it’s time to send in your feedbacks to
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Mystical Mix

A JJ Submission:

Hi, your JJ taking you over to an unusual event or could be called a first experience for Jayashree an ordinary Tamil female @ Chennai. 21/09/2009 the city of Chennai waking up very slowly being a religious holiday Ramzam an extended weekend cherished by all working class people.

Asprin Garden Carnival Heights apartment 9th floor
As the morning light softly caressed her naked body, Jayashree began to awaken. Stretching her arms above her head, Jayashree smiled as she remembered last nights fuck fest in the ladies toilet of the call center she works for in DLF Manapakkam with Roopesh her Operations Manager. He had awakened the sleeping sex starved girl she was in her teen years.

At thirty eight, Jayashree was in the prime of her career having rapidly reached a position of much responsibility as a Team Leader with the MNC that she worked for. But due to offshore project of work by her husband away in the Silicon Valley, Jayashree and Suresh her husband’s sex life had dwindled down to once in a year. The couple just never seemed to find the time except that of over the telephone & never share those intimate moments so important in their life.

But this week was going to be different much to Jayashree’s delight. Roopesh and she had actually discovered, quite to their surprise, that they had a whole week in which they could spend together without being bothered by work. So last night when Roopesh had turned off the phones & sneaked into the ladies toilet smooched like there’s no tomorrow. Their work timing was that of the Eastern Cost US when work got over both rushed to Jayashree’s flat at the Carnival Heights & could not wait to get into her flat, once inside Jayashree lit up the bedroom with the soft glow of candlelight, and then they made love. Jayashree’s only goal for the week became to have as many orgasms as humanly possible.

As Jayashree remembered how Roopesh’s strong hands felt caressing her body, she began to slowly caress her firm breast with one hand while the other hand just as slowly descended across her taut, flat stomach to her hot wet pussy. Spreading her legs, Jayashree spreads her swollen, wet lips apart and puts in a finger; bring her hot juices up to her hard pulsating clit.

Rolling her hard sensitive nipples with her fingers, Jayashree starts to slowly massage her clit stopping occasionally to gently pull on it with her thumb and finger. Rubbing her hard clit with her finger, Jayashree stops pulling on her rock hard nipples and sticks two of her fingers in to her wet, dripping cunt. “Ah, ahh, fuck me,” Jayashree pants as she begins to slowly fuck her pussy with her fingers. Jayashree’s hips begin to lift off the bed as she fucks her pussy faster with her fingers, while at the same time increasing the speed of her fingers on her clit. “Oh, oh…ahh….fuuuck…I’m going to fucking cum!”, Jayashree suddenly screams as her orgasm causes her body to shake uncontrollably.

So intense was Jayashree’s orgasm that she had failed to hear her best friend Madhavi enter her bedroom. Not that it really mattered. Because as soon as Madhavi had seen Jayashree in her sexual frenzy, she stopped in the doorway and lifted up her sari to finger her suddenly wet pussy.

“Oh shit!” Jayashree screamed suddenly realizing she wasn’t alone. “I was just, ahh, well...”

Totally speechless realizing her best friend had caught her fucking herself like some sex-starved teenager. Jayashree’s eyes suddenly focused on the totally shaved, wet dripping pussy of her friend.

“My god Madhavi, did I turn you on that much?” Madhavi’s hand suddenly stopped as she was brought back to reality. “You just looked so damn hot fucking that pussy of yours,” said Madhavi. With a look of lust in her eyes Jayashree looks at Madhavi and says, “Why don’t you bring that sweet smelling pussy of yours over here so I can suck your hard clit.”

Wasting no time, Madhavi stripped off her sari, petticoat & blouse and climbed on the bed. As they tumbled onto the bed together, Jayashree and Madhavi immediately attacked each others dripping pussies. Sucking and tonguing each others swollen clits, the room immediately filled with the sounds of the moans of the sex hungry pair.

“Stop,” Jayashree suddenly yells. “I have something that I have always wanted to try with you.”

Getting off Madhavi, Jayashree goes to her dresser and pulls out a double-headed dildo or a silicon cock. Returning to the bed, Jayashree pushes Madhavi back down and attacks her pussy with her tongue. “Ahh, fuck your tongue feels so good, fuck my cunt with your tongue,” Madhavi moans. Sticking one, and then adding a second finger into her friend’s hot wet pussy, Jayashree fucks her friend causing her to moan even louder. “Please, please…. fuck me with that cock,” Madhavi moans.

Removing her fingers from her friend’s hot sticky hole, Jayashree rubs the head of the cock up and down Madhavi’s hot pussy. “Stop teasing me and fuck me with that cock,” Madhavi moaned. Wanting nothing more than to fuck her friend, Jayashree slowly pushes the cock into Madhavi’s cock hungry cunt. “Ahh, ahh, oh shit…fuck me, please fuck my cunt,” Madhavi begs Jayashree.

Jayashree begins to slowly slide the hard cock into Madhavi’s cunt, and just as slowly, slides it back out.

“Faster, please Jayashree fuck me faster,” Madhavi begs. Obeying her friend’s urgent plea, Jayashree fucks Madhavi’s hot dripping wet pussy faster and faster. “Oh fuck… that cock feels so fucking good,” Madhavi moans. “Fuck me, oh…oh…ahh shit fuck my cunt.”

As Jayashree’s savage fucking is pounding Madhavi’s hot, wet pussy, Jayashree leans down and begins to rapidly tongue Madhavi’s hard, throbbing clit. “Oh, oh…right there, don’t stop…oh fuck, fuck…I’m going to cum…don’t stop,” Madhavi moans, as her body begins to thrash on the bed.

Jayashree begins to fuck Madhavi’s cunt even faster, causing her body to tremble with intense pleasure, as her orgasm begins to grow from deep within her pussy. As her moans become louder, Madhavi suddenly screams, “Fuck I’m cumming!!!!” As she cums on the hard cock, Madhavi’s hot sweet juices shoot out of her pussy and onto Jayashree’s hand. Jayashree looks at Madhavi in the eyes and licks her cum off her fingers causing Madhavi to emit a long, soft moan of contentment.

Her hot lustful need still not satiated, Jayashree begins to shove the other end of the dildo into her pussy. Feeling her hot pussy being filled with the fat cock-head Jayashree moans, “Ah fuck this is going to be crazy.” Madhavi looks down between her wide spread legs, not believing what her eyes are seeing. “Your pussy looks so incredible,” Madhavi says. “Please touch your clit for me.” Staring into her lover’s pleading eyes, Jayashree begins to slowly stroke her hard throbbing clit.

Madhavi begins to pull on her hard nipples as she watches Jayashree begin to move her fingers faster over her exposed clit. “Oh, god Jayashree please fuck me ….I need you to fuck my cunt,” Madhavi begs. Jayashree could only moan her agreement, as she too needed to be fucked.

The two sex starved lovers slowly begin to move their bodies, each trying to give the other the fucking that they so desperately needed. Sliding their hot wet pussies up and down the cock, the sex-starved lovers moan from the feeling of the hard cock in their hot wet cunts. “I can feel you fucking me with this cock,” Madhavi moans. “Please, fuck me faster Jayashree…oh god my pussy feels so full.”

Spurred on by her friend’s urgent pleas, Jayashree slides off of the cock and straddles Madhavi. “Lick my cunt while I fuck you,” Jayashree demands. Madhavi, her mouth full of her friends hot wet muff, can only moan as she feels Jayashree take the cock into her hands and begins to give Madhavi the fucking she so desperately craved.

“That’s it…lick my cunt…ahh, fuck me with that tongue,” Jayashree screams, feeling her orgasm beginning to grow. “Right there…oh fuck, right there…just like that…. fuck me, faster…ahh, fuck I’m cumming,” Jayashree screams even louder. Her body shakes uncontrollably as the powerful orgasm rips through her body. As she regains some control over her body, Jayashree fucks Madhavi’s pussy stroking the cock faster and faster, in and out of her pussy. The room filled with the sound of cock fucking Madhavi’s wet pussy.

“Oh yes…. oh yes…that’s it, fuck me faster…. ahh, ahh,” Madhavi begins to moan. Her head thrashing from side to side as she is driven ever closer to her own mind-blowing orgasm. “Jayashree, I’m going to cum…please.ah…fuck me…. I’m cumming!!!!,” Madhavi shouts as her sweet, hot juices once again shoot out from her pussy soaking the cock, the bed, and Jayashree's hands.

As the two satisfied lovers slowly come down from the orgasmic bliss, Jayashree turns and faces Madhavi. Taking Madhavi into her arms, Jayashree nuzzles Madhavi's planting hot wet kiss along the nape of her neck. “Now, what did you really come over to our house for,” Jayashree laughs....comments to

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Friday, September 25, 2009

Toy & Tormentor

Hello to all my readers, this is JJ from Chennai reaching out to you with a hot & horny personal experience that well defined and very truly matches the heading above. “The Toy & the Tormenter” I was normal just like any other kid of the block during my school & college days, listening and reading third rated porn books that came my way. Let me tell you there came loads and loads of them, I had a huge collection until a faithful Good Friday when parents cleaned my cupboard the embracement I underwent can never be described in words.

Of course, like all of my age guys I used feel horny for women who were fit enough to be my mother when it comes to their age. It was a long list from my nursery school teacher to the next door neighbor aunty well into her 40’s. I guess that’s normal during the adolescent and youngster phase in the life of a average male, what’s abnormal about this that it continues even to this day while well into my later side of 30’s.

Quickly returning to the crux when I joined a modular kitchen company & the time I am talking is not recently the very term modular kitchen wasn’t known to ordinary middle class customers. In my case it was precisely the creamy layer of the society alone had any idea about the product I was asked to sell. Trying to locate the ‘O’ block in Anna Nagar was no joke on a hot and humid day in the month of May 1993, confused and totally given up I parked my two wheeler on the then deserted but a cool shady Avadi Road.

With a benevolent postman passing me finally helped me locate ‘O’ block and designated address where I was expected for a product pitch, the granite floor assisted by the timely sea breeze made me feel I was entering the heavenly door & I was entering the heaven since before me stood a sexy Goddess in her mid 40’s draped in the best of imported night dress as it was called those days.

"Hello?" she said.

"Hello." I replied, standing at her front door handing her one of my business cards. "I'm Chris and I'm a representative of the kitchen Remodeling Company. I was asked to meet you for a product introduction based on your inquiry, I could show you some of the things we have done for people and see if you might like to use our services preferred over our competitors."

"Sure. Come on in. I'm Geetha." she said, pushing the door open.

As I started to step into her house, I was struck by the way her house was planned and built & of course the robe she was dressed with too made my cock stiff.!

She was wearing a yellow & black print night dress that stood in stark contrast to her fair skin. She did have a neat and trim body, she had broad hips and as she walked away from me, I had to admit I admired the roundness of her back. I'd gotten just a flash of her breasts and they were visible through the first two unbuttoned front opening.

I felt an instant growing in my cock.

I followed her into the living room. She sat on one end of a sofa facing a tea table. I started to sit across from her but she patted the sofa and said, "Sit here so you can show me your things, smarty."

So I sat on the cushion next to her and spread my display books out on the table.

When she sat forward to look at the first opened book, things seemed to change. She had been sitting demurely but when she leaned forward to look at the books, her knees spread apart and her legs pressed against mine.

I talked about the first page and of remodeling an ancient kitchen. I got ready to turn the page but when I reached for it, my hand brushed her left breast. I was immediately concerned but she never showed any indication that she had even noticed. When I brought my hand back, Geetha had put her left elbow on her left knee, limiting the space I could move my hand and not only did it brush her tit again but my palm wound up resting on her thigh.

I talked about the two pages of pictures, some before and some after the conversation to modular kitchen to show what we had accomplished. When I got to the point of turning the next page, Geetha just waited for me and when my hand again brushed her tit both going and coming and landed on her thigh, she again made no indication of noticing, although I thought there might have been just a tad more arch to her back ... so now it was even harder to turn the pages without touching Geetha.

The next time I turned a page and drew my hand back, Geetha leaned further forward, pressing her left knee more into my leg and spreading her legs further. This time my palm rested on a softer, fleshier part of her thigh, higher than before.

Still Geetha made no indication of noticing it.

I went through my folder on those two pages and reached to turn to the next one. On the way back, my hand really dragged against Geetha's heavy tit and I rested my palm just a little higher on her thigh. I started talking about the product pictured but my mind was elsewhere. I let my little finger move backward and it brushed the spot very close to her cunt. Geetha had to know it was there but she seemed totally absorbed in the pictures.

Once more I reached to turn the page and when I drew my hand back, I planted my palm over her cunt. This time, Geetha lay back against the sofa, her legs splayed wide and her eyes closed.

She said, "Go ahead. Tell me about this project." But her eyes remained closed and the look on Geetha's face was one of pure lust.

I began talking slowly about the projects and rubbing her pussy through the thin cloth just as slowly. If Geetha gave any indication of what I was doing, it was to try to open her legs wider.

By the time I had gotten halfway through talking about the pictures, my fingers had worked on thin satin night dress to one side and then plowed into Geetha's crevasse unimpeded by the night dress. I teased her clitty out of its hiding place and it stood up strong and proud.

Carefully I shoved the coffee table out of the way with my foot and then swiftly swung around in front of Geetha. Dropping to my knees, I pulled her legs up to my shoulders, spread her pussy lips with my fingers and introduced my tongue to Geetha's hot clit. She was sopping wet and within seconds, I had her cunt juice all over my face. I thought Geetha had as good a tasting pussy as I could ever remember eating.

I licked all around her clit for a bit, then down to the opening into Geetha's love tunnel, which I explored with the full length of my tongue, wishing I had a longer tongue. I could feel the pressure of her inner muscles trying to grab my tongue. I hadn't been working around her clit and pussy more than five minutes before she reared up, her neck on the back of the sofa and her legs pressing my shoulders, touching nothing else, and then Geetha shook like a leaf through about 18 seconds of wonderful climax. A fresh stream of pussy juice flowed onto my tongue and I lapped it all up like a thirsty dog.

Still I licked and sucked at her clit and vagina, causing her to buck with surprise as Geetha pulled her legs up higher, opening her legs more for me.

Back again at her top, I sucked Geetha's clit and teased it with my tongue before spending some time reaming out her cunt with my tongue. I noticed that she had pushed her night dress bra up and was massaging her massive tits with both hands, pulling at her nipples, squeezing the big globes. Geetha bowed up so that she was only supported by her neck and her legs as she came, shivering a little longer as the waves of pleasure passed over her.

Quickly I stood and unzipped my pants, and dropping them to the floor so I could step out of them. By then, Geetha had twisted on the sofa with her head bolstered on one arm, one leg propped high on the sofa back, the other on the floor. I settled into Geetha's saddle, letting my questing cock home in on her heat source and pushing forward to bury itself in her hot love box. There was no need for ceremony and it was obvious she was still hot, so I started to fuck Geetha, carefully grinding on her clitty with every down-stroke. Even before I was ready, she came again, shaking under me like an earthquake.

I kept plowing, thinking now only of myself. I thought that the sensations Geetha's cunt sent through my member to my brain made me think of the warmest, closest, most loving condition possible. I might not be in love with her but I sure was in lust!

When my balls exploded, it was as if dynamite had been ignited between my legs. It felt like a tremendous explosion as they tried to shoot each blast of sperm into and through Geetha's body. Shot after shot went deep into her cunt, splashing her inner walls with the sticky white liquid. Geetha wrapped her legs around my butt and with her arms around my neck, held me captive even after the last drops had oozed out. Geetha pulled my head down and I nuzzled between her tits and sucked her nipples for several minutes while my muscles recovered from the wonderful burning sensation left after a great fuck. I rued the time when my cock became so flaccid it slipped out of her pussy.

Eventually I pushed myself up and slowly dressed, almost reluctant to leave. Geetha sat up on the sofa but made no attempt to put the night dress back on her. She watched until I slipped on my shoes and gathered my books.

"Smarty, I'd like to do some remodeling but I don't think I'm ready. However, I'd really like to see more of your work so I can get more ideas about just what I might want to do some day. If you could come back at your convenience, I'd like you to show me more."

"I will do that," I replied.

As I started for the front door, Geetha padded along behind me.

Turning at the door, I was going to wish Geetha well or kiss her or something but she beat me to the punch. She gave me a quick tongue-flicking kiss and said, "And if you'd maybe just like to drop by to visit, you know, on your own time sometime, you'd always be welcome."

Amazing! Oh, have I visited her!

My office frequently compliments me for working so late when I get back into the office after everyone else has left; I don't tell him how much I have to hustle the rest of the day to make up for the times when I visit my hot & ever horny Geetha lover girl.

Geetha remains the horniest woman I have ever known or probably ever will know. But not one time has she ever used any language which refers to what we are doing, mentions sex, or any implication of sex except for a very rare unintended double-entendre that could be interpreted as referring to a sex act. Geetha simply invites me in and allows me to have my way with her ... anything I want, including oral both ways, vaginal and all sex, all the tittie love I want and occasional hand massages.

Since Geetha prefers it that way, I have honored her wishes by not referring to any sexual activity. It is amazing that the lack of sex talk has not detracted from our pleasure. Geetha cums frequently and we seldom have a session where I don't cum multiple times. The fact that Geetha was twenty-odd years my senior has absolutely no bearing on our pleasure ... unless it might be better because me being her toy & she became my tormentor. Did you like it? Fine it's time you sent in your comments and feed backs to

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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tempting Teacher II

Hi, dear readers. Your one and only JJ back to treat you with a carnal lust of a teacher from Chennai where a student takes her by surprise and treats her with all that she had been dying for. Kalyani reaching in her mid 40's suffering from the problem that almost Indian women undergo a mid life crisis, suddenly she feels its been awhile since she had great sex a typical phase Indian women undergo at her age.

Many would silently suffer the low level of estrogen and approaching menopause of course a few will look at alternative means of getting their sexual urge satisfied. Married with two daughters who were in the WCC at Chennai, husband a good ten years elder to Kalyani & given up on sex for a few years now a angel at 5.7 and a good 65 kgs with cuts and curves that would make a Egyptian mummy turn in the pyramid. Golden color radiating skin jet black hair cut till her shoulders, Kalyani made sure she wore a stiff cotton sari & a matching blouse which gave the senior boys a bulge in their pants.

Harrington Road in Chennai wore a deserted look due to the unexpected showers for the past couple of days, Kalyani still in the private school classroom sighed and laid down the red pen she'd been using to correct test papers and stretched her back. It was Friday and the clock on the back wall of the rectangular shaped classroom read five thirty five . School had been out for more than an hour & a half and the security had already been into her room. She would probably be the last one to leave the building, which wasn't unusual any more.She looked out over the empty room and desks and an unbidden thought came to mind as she looked at the desks.

In her mind's eye she could see the young boys that sat in the desks throughout each school day. Many of them, who were all seniors, were very handsome and she had noticed them, on several occasions, staring at Kalyani – especially her long, aping gap in her sari and well-rounded ass. For her it was a huge compliment because of her age and the fact that many of her girl students were very sexy. To have good-looking teen boys staring at her body in a way that more than suggested they would love to fuck her was extremely flattering to the older woman. Kalyani was after all nearly fifty and, while she wasn't a bad looking woman, she was still much older than any of her male students.

Much of Kalyani's problem was her husband. He had never been a good lover; Kalyani seldom had an orgasm and every time he made love to her, she had to finish what he started. Like that morning when he woke her up with the head of his cock brushing the lips of her pussy in her night dress. Before she was even half awake, her jusband's tongue was in her mouth and his cock pushing into her pussy. And, before five minutes were up, he was unloading his seed into her, then rolling out of bed to take a shower. As always, Kalyani took care of business when it was her time to shower. Sex with her hubby just left her unsatisfied and frustrated. And, she had to admit, the love that had once been there, was gone. They were just going through the motions these days which is the case in 99% of Indian women.

She sighed and pushed away from the desk. She walked to the cupboard at the back of the room, opened the door and left the test papers. Suddenly it became very dark. Someone had shut the door of the classroom. Kalyani frowned. She hadn't heard anyone enter her classroom. Maybe it was the security guard checking the classrooms before leaving for the day. As she was about to turn around, she felt arms encircle her waist and hands begin to caress her flat tummy.

"W-Who's t-there?" she stuttered with shock.

"Shhhhh, Kalyani Miss." The voice in her ear was a low whisper and she couldn't place its owner. "Just relax. I'm not going to hurt you."

"W-What do you want?"

"Just be cool."

Kalyani tried to identify the voice but she couldn't since the whisper was low and difficult to distinguish. Whoever it was had to be a student because she could detect a youthful sound to the whispering voice. And she had seven different classes of seniors that she taught history to, an average of thirty students per class and roughly half were male. She was at a loss as to who was holding her in the dark cloakroom.

The hands slid slowly up until she felt her breasts being cupped over her blouse. The student's hands began to gently roll her heavy 38 inches tits, pushing them together, pressing on them. She could hear his breath in her ear, shallow and course with excitement. His fingers unbuttoned her blouse, slowly; one button at a time then removed it. Then his hands were on her tummy, softly caressing her skin, the fingertips moving in tiny circles on her bare skin, sending shivers coursing easily up her spine.

"Please..." Kalyani sucked in a deep, tremulous breath. "I'm a teacher. You can't do this."

The student didn't respond. Instead, he abruptly unclasped her bra and quickly opened it. His hands cupped her heavy breasts again and toyed with them. Kalyani gasped when his fingers began teasing her hardening nipples, pinching and pulling the fat, hard nubs. In spite of herself, Kalyani moaned. It felt deliriously wonderful. Still, this was a student and to get caught making love to a student, regardless of age, would be cause for immediate dismissal.

"Please, if someone catches us-"

"Shhhhh. Everyone's gone, Kalyani Miss," he whispered in her ear.

Kalyani let out a soft cry as he suddenly pinched her nipples hard. It hurt, yet felt wonderful at the same time. She could feel her resolve evaporating by the minute as the young man behind her continued to love her tits. She leaned back a little and felt his hard cock press against her ass. It felt very long and fat and snuggled nicely in the groove of her cheeks.

"Can you feel my cock?"

"Yesssss!" she whimpered fighting battle.

"Do you like it?"

"It''s very nice," she murmured.

"Turn around and get on your knees, Kalyani Miss."

Kalyani stared blankly into the darkness for a moment, not understanding what he meant. Then realization dawned as she felt his hands gently turn her around by the shoulders and push down until she dropped to her knees. She couldn't see anything and didn't know what to do. She understood that he wanted her to take his cock into her mouth, something she'd never done or wanted to do. Then, without warning, Kalyani felt the tip of his cock touch her right cheek and move slowly until it pressed against her lips. She moaned a little, afraid to comply. Having a man's cock in her mouth...well, she hadn't even let her husband do that and he was her husband.

"Take my cock in your mouth." The whisper was a hiss, forceful and insistent.

Kalyani wrapped the trembling fingers of her right hand around the fat shaft, and then slowly took the massive head between her quivering lips. She heard the sudden hiss of air as she slowly accepted the student's cock into the warm, wet confines of her mouth. She could taste the salty flavor of his pre cum as she little by little drew him inside. All at once, the preconceptions she'd had about sucking cock vanished as she began sucking the hard, throbbing organ.

"Ohhhhh!" he gasped. "This is way fucking better than I thought it would be!"


Kalyani no longer had any reservations about what she was doing. Perhaps it was because of the frustrating years she'd spent satisfying her husband without satisfaction in return, but she now wanted the young man's cock. She wanted to suck it all night, feel its throbbing hardness on her lips. She wanted to know what it felt like to have a cock fill her mouth with hot, sticky cum.

Kalyani jerked his jeans down around his knees and grasped his soft ass cheeks. Holding his ass tightly, her long nails digging into the flesh, she began bobbing her head up and down. She moved unhurriedly, taking the head as far into her mouth as she possible could, then slowly releasing it until only the fat head remained inside. Up and down her head moved as her mouth sucked greedily.

Kalyani released his cock and began licking the fat shaft and head the way the women do in sex videos. She'd found the videos one day while cleaning out her husband's cupboard and had watched with fascination as the young women furiously sucked big, hard cocks. She wasn't sure if she was doing it right but she knew she couldn't be doing much wrong by the grunts and groans of approval coming from his mouth.

Shoving the monster cock back into her mouth, Kalyani managed to slip out of the sari she wore, then fumbled with her petticoat until she was completely naked. She was lost in a world of nasty erotic sensations and the notion of being completely naked while the young man used her like his wife, aroused her more than she could have believed possible.

"Oh, fuck, Kalyani Miss!" the student cried out. "Sooooo good!"

Kalyani froze. The whisper-voice was gone and she recognized it immediately. She stood up quickly and backed down the classroom until she was at the door. She fumbled for a moment until she found the switch and flipped it on. The room was suddenly bathed in bright light and she saw the student, jeans down around his knees, hard throbbing cock standing at attention, as he looked at her with terrified eyes.

"Rakesh..." she breathed. "Rakesh Kumar."

She stood at the door with a finger still on the light switch. He was one of the most handsome boys in school, one who could have any girl he wanted. Kalyani couldn't believe her eyes as she stared at him.

"Rakesh, why?" she asked in a soft voice. "Why me? You can have any girl in this school."

He shook his head. "I...I...just...I don't know," he stammered. "You turn me on, Kalyani Miss. I've wanted you since I first came here. And getting you for a teacher this year, sitting in your class and watching you..."

Kalyani walked the short distance to Rakesh, grabbed his face with her hands and backed him against the wall. She mashed her mouth to his and sucked his tongue deep into her mouth. She hooked one foot behind his legs as she devoured his mouth, kissed him with a white-hot fever. As they kissed she worked his shirt off, then released him long enough to help him take off his briefs and jeans.

"You want to fuck me, Rakesh?" she husked. "You want to fuck my cunt with your big dick?"

"Oh, fuck yes!"

She nibbled on his lips. "You want to fill me with your hot cum?"

"Yesssss!" he hissed.

Kalyani took his hand and led him into the far corner where an old table stood. It was big enough to sit on and she settled her sexy ass onto the top. She spread her legs wide and pulled Rakesh between them. The teacher encircled his fat shaft with the long fingers of one hand and cupped his cum-swollen balls with the other.

"You are built very nicely, Rakesh," she cooed in a husky voice.

"That feels so good, Miss."

"Shhhhh," she hushed him as she slowly stroked his throbbing organ. "If you're going to fuck my cunt with your big cock, then you don't need to be so formal. Call me Kalyani."

"Oh, Kalyani...I can't believe this is happening!"

"Fuck me, Rakesh! Fuck my pussy! I need it, baby!"

Kalyani gasped loudly when she felt the massive head of Rakesh's cock spread her pussy lips and sink deep inside her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him close. He took her face in his hands and kissed her hard, his tongue deep in her mouth while he slowly rocked his hips. She moaned loudly into his mouth as his cock thrust in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

"Yesssss!" she hissed. "Fuck me, baby! Fuck your teacher's horny cunt!"

"Oh, I don't want to stop fucking you!"

"Suck my big tits, Rakesh! I want to watch you suck my nipples!"

Kalyani leaned back a little, placing her hands on the table behind her. She watched through lust-filled eyes as her sexy student took her ripe tits in his hands and began to feast on the hard fat nipples. She whimpered and groaned with pleasure as she watched his handsome face feast on her nipples.

"Bite my nipples, baby! Hurt my nipples!"

Kalyani screamed with pleasure when he complied. Rakesh chewed the fat nubs, sucked on them, and sucked them deep into his mouth. Tiny mewling sounds came from her mouth as she watched her young lover devour her nipples. She held his head in her hands and talked dirty to him, begged him to fuck her hard, pleaded with him to make her nipples hurt. She suddenly realized that for the first time in her life she was acting like a slut and this knowledge stoked the fires of her desire.

"Fuck me like a slut," she hissed.

"Oh yeah," he husked. "You are a slut, aren't you?"


"You like having your cunt filled with a cock, don't you?"

"Oh, fuck yeah!"

"You want my seed in your cunt, don't you?"

"Oh, please..." she husked. "Fill me with your seed."

"I'm not wearing a condom," he cautioned her.

"I don't care. Please, cum in meeeee!"

Kalyani felt strange as she heard herself speak. She had just begged the young boy to come in her pussy, knowing he wasn't protected with a condom. His seed could very well make her pregnant but suddenly she didn't care. She had never been this aroused before and the realization that Rakesh might make a baby in her didn't matter. She just wanted to feel his young, hard cock cum inside of her. She wanted his cum in her pussy, needed his cum in her pussy. Then she completely astonished herself and the words were out before she had time to think.

"I want to have your baby, Rakesh! Please make me a mommy!"

"Oh, baby," he husked. "Yesssss!"

Rakesh began to rock his hips harder, ramming his hard manhood into his teacher's wet, greasy pussy. His hands were filled with her big tits and he squeezed them hard. He pulled and pinched her hard nipples and she screamed with hot desire. Kalyani and Rakesh grunted and moaned as they rocked their hips together; the tempo was hot and erratic as they forcefully slammed into each other.

"I-I think I'm gonna cum!" he hissed.

"Yesssss! Cum in me, Rakesh! Give me your baby seed!"

"I love you, Kalyani!" he cried out.

The sudden declaration of love astounded Kalyani and she dimly wondered if he meant it or was saying he loved her because he was so aroused. It didn't matter because she suddenly understood her own feelings. Right or wrong she knew how she felt, too. What was happening to her went far beyond anything she had ever experienced in her life.

"I love you, too, Rakesh!" she whimpered into his mouth. "Please make me pregnant! I want to have your baby!"

The words were no sooner out of her mouth when he suddenly stiffened and screamed. As the first hot spurt of cum jetted into her pussy, Kalyani dug her nails into his back and cried out with desire. Wave after delicious wave of orgasm rolled over her until she thought she would pass out with pleasure. They held each other tightly, lips touching, eyes open and staring as they rode the crests of orgasm.

Finally, Kalyani and Rakesh collapsed back on the desk, their bodies trembling with the force of their wild, unbridled love making. She stared wild-eyed at the face of her young lover, hardly believing that she was in the cloakroom, naked with this young boy, who had just made the most intense love to her she'd ever experienced. His eyes were closed as he tenderly kissed her nipples.

"I really do love you, Kalyani," he said softly.

"And I really do want to have your baby," she heard herself say.

"What if I didn't make you pregnant?" he asked.

She smiled. "Then we'll just have to keep trying, won't we?" She brushed fingers through his dark hair and added in a soft voice, "From now on, I'm yours, Rakesh. I will do anything you ask of me." And they lived happily ever after, time to send your comments to

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