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The Toxic Goddess

A JJ Submission

Author’s Note: Dear All, this is a soft but wild erotic happening between a married couple, in case you are looking for a whaam bhaam thank you Mam. This one is not for you.

Hello and welcome back to JJ’s world of quality erotic literature, taking a deviation from the mature sex series let’s do a crash down to earth and see what can happen if you just keenly look at your wife. Married to a women for 15 + years has been a mystery to the western world and for people living in India it’s always been green to look at the western culture. In the below submission I have tried my best to make the readers realize what they are missing by looking outward and forgetting what’s at hand. So for a change let me describe a wild love making session by a Indian couple & I believe after going through the below submission there would be a voice inside your saying “ look at your wife & realize how much you have neglected her by drooling over your co-worker, secretary, boss’s wife etc etc……..

He sat on the sofa, sipping scotch on the rocks gifted by a friend who had recently completed his project at the US and returned to India, becoming more frustrated by second. The star-studded Indian cricket team. Just minutes away from disgracefully loosing down by 7 wickets, with less than a over remaining needed 15 runs. They had been playing well in the first two one day international games of this Sony Cup series, but tonight they had only showed up, a little spark in the blowing 1st and giving away 276 runs from 50 over but that was it.

His wife padded down the hall towards the living room, dressed in jeans and one of his old shirts, and smile. "How's the Indian team doing'?" She asked.

"Crap," he said with disgust.

"There's always a chance dear." She continued on into the kitchen to complete her daily ritual, the dishes.

He sat continuing to watch the game wind down, 1 over left and nothing on the earth will prevent Australia winning this crucial match, he heard water running in the kitchen, and came to the realization that India were done. The kids were at their aunt’s place, They had the house to them selves. This thought had not escaped him, and he began to think of his beautiful wife. Snapping the remote up, he shut off the TV where India was only minutes away from defeat.

As his wife ran the water, adding some dish soap made the water bubble and froth, and she slowly started adding the dishes. She could feel the scalding warmth travel up her arms and through her chest, making her nipples hard.

As he sat pondering another year without The Cup, he heard dishes clinking as they were being put into the sink. Rising to his feet, he strode to the kitchen doorway, and leaned against the frame. She had not heard him come to the doorway. He watched her, putting the dishes, in the sink slowly, almost gracefully. He had always liked the way she moved. Although she had no training in ballet, he had thought that she would have been good at it. She had a naturally athletic build; it had grown thicker and bearing two children, over the years, was still able to turn heads wherever she went. Her breasts had not suffered through the years of breast-feeding; in all honesty they had become more full. All in all, he felt, he was the luckiest man alive to have a wife that he truly loved, and was loving more and more as each year passed.

"Need a hand Sexy?" he questioned.

"No thanks.” she said smiling "I'm almost done may be a couple of minutes. How'd they do, or should I ask?"

”I've almost given up on those 11 jokers"

"There's always next year honey." Her voice filled with genuine concern. She had a thought that maybe later she would give him a good blowjob to cheer him up from a regular India loosing. She had always loved him, and would do anything to please him, so a 'cheer-up-blow-job’ sounded just like what he'd needed. In the 14 years they were together she was never more in love with him than now. She had called them soul mates since they met, he laughed at that, but she knew it was true. He was always saying 'I love you' to her and getting her little gifts, for no reason but lacked on satisfying her sexual needs a good reason for the other side being green. On the reverse she felt as loved as anyone could, thinking her husband was devoted to her and her alone.

As he stood there gazing upon her beauty, he found himself becoming excited. He had always been amazed that he could get hard just looking at her. He slowly walked up behind her, and wrapped one arm around her waist and one around her chest just below her collar bone. He kissed her neck, softly just below her ear.

"Mmm, you smell delicious" he said quietly. "And you feel so good"

Goose bumps ran across her body, making her nipples tingle and her stomach do flip-flops. The tingle slowly became an ache deep in her loins.

"You sure, you don't want help Baby" saying the words quietly, letting his breath, be felt on her neck.

She began to melt.

" You know how turned on you make me when you talk all low and soft."

He quickly spun her around, grabbed her, under her arms and lifted her up on the sink.

" Hey I got dishes to do" she said in mock protest.

"Dishes can wait, I can't, and neither can you!" he commanded.

She squealed in delight.

He grasped the collar of his shirt, she wore, "I'll do the dishes, you can sew these buttons back on." With that, he sharply snapped his hands apart, popping all the buttons off, in one motion.

The cool air, of the room, hit her bare breasts. It didn't matter, her nipples were already hard, and sensation of him being so forceful, made them more so. Goose flesh now rose across her entire body, making her skin sensitive to every touch he made.

"Hmmmm," she groaned, "If you don't stop you'll.., ahhh, Babe! That feels so nice." His hands glided up from her hips to her breasts, cupping them and slowly teasing the nipples between his thumb and forefinger.

He could feel her quivering under his touch, her breath starting draw deeper and more quickly now, leaning forward her kissed her mouth. His tongue swirling in her mouth, doing mock battle with hers'. As he kissed her, he began to trail down her chin to her neck, and down to her nipples. They had become hard and filled with blood, making them bright, and rosy. He gently drew them into his mouth, and teased them with his tongue.

She began to coo, as he sucked and nibble her nipples. That feeling sent signals through her body, making her heart rate increase, her breathing deeper, and making her wet. She could feel the slipperiness between her pussy lips building, and that in turn made her even wetter. Sitting on the edge on the sink while her husband ravaged her, made her begin to squirm. Rocking from one cheek to the other, tilting her hips back to front. Almost as if she was dancing. Suddenly his hands left her breasts and slide down to the waistband of her jeans. Fingers twisted open the front button, and unzipped them. Bracing her hands on the edge of the sink, she lifted her self up, as he slid them off.

He let the jeans fall to the floor. Now he could smell her excitement, it was pure intoxication. Blood rushed to his semi-hard cock, engorging it further. Hormones pushed him on. His hands slipped along her panties, and he hooked his thumbs in the waistband and slowly slid them off. As he did he could see the moisture of her sex cling to the cotton bottom panel in the panty and her pussy lips. He became even more excited and aroused at this sight. Standing back up, he began kissing her mouth once more.

Her pulse pounded harder when he began kissing again. She reached down with both hands and started to undo his pants now. Her hands knew exactly, where to reach and what to do. Her hand felt his penis, hard and throbbing inside his jeans. This made her move more quickly and with more determination, to release him from his clothes. Slide her hands inside his briefs found what she sought; grasping the shaft, she slid her hands up the 7-inch length & 4-inch girth to its head. She felt the slippery wetness oozing from the tip, causing her to become even wetter.

The sensation of her hands on his organ encouraged him on, kissing his way down her neck, past her breasts and down to her pussy. As he did she released his cock and leaned back slightly to allow better access to her now dripping cunt. His nose led him, the smell of her juices made him feel a little drunk with lust. The concoction of sweet smells forced him to inhale her deeply into his nose. His excitement grew and so did his urgency. He began slowly and gently licking her outer lips, finally tasting what he sought.

She moaned softly as she felt his tongue on her lips. A small fire started to burn in her clit as he did. The sensations began to build and she could feel her orgasm grow quickly. She had been waiting for this all day. From the time she got up in the morning she would daydream about him licking her pussy. He was just so damn good. The way his tongue would slide over all the right spots, with just the right speed, and pressure. After 14 years, he knew all the right spots, and all the right moves. She began to feel the first signs of her impending orgasm. That first little wave, deep in the pit of her stomach. She began to relax and let it build within her. Her pussy started to contract, the familiar throbbing that she knew, would bring her pleasure very soon. Suddenly she felt fingers push inside her sopping pussy, feeling them curl up and stroke her g-spot. The sensations overwhelmed her as the waves of intense pleasure came over her. Her orgasm grew, and grew, like a shoreline, during a tsunami, crashing over, and over again. Her breath was ragged and came in quick gasps, between squeals of delight. She clamped her thighs around his head and pulled it in tight as she continued cumming. " Fuck, fuck, my god, mmmm, don't stop Babe," she screeched.

His face was pressed hard into her pussy, her hips bucking against his face. Her juices ran out over his tongue and he lapped them up. The feeling of her contractions began to subside, and her thighs began to relax. He slow removed his fingers from her pussy, and brought them to his mouth and suck them clean. He loved making her cum and enjoyed everything about it. The way she moved and tasted. He was so excited he was close to cumming off himself. As he stood to kiss her, he stopped and looked at the expression on her face. She was totally satisfied and in that post- orgasm stupor. Her chest was flushed and heaving. He leaned in and kissed her, she started kissing back like a starving woman, licking her sent off his lips.

His wife had gabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him in tight, kissing him, loving him, holding him, and never wanting that moment to end. His arms wrapped around her and they hugged. She always felt so secure when he held her, like nothing could ever harm her. Breaking the hug she pushed him back and hopped down from the sink, "You are going to get it so good my dear hubby." She walked him backwards to a chair, and pushed him to his seat. Dropping to her knees, she wasted no time, reaching for his cock. Using both hands she stroked twice before leaning and engulfing it, in her mouth.

He watched her, slide her mouth over his ridged member, as it disappeared down her throat. The warmth and wetness overwhelmed his cock. Her tongue sliding Independently of her mouth, sliding up and down the shaft. Hands gently massaging his balls. He placed one hand softly on the back of her head. Not that she needed the encouragement, she knew what to do, but he had always put his hand there. Her head began to bob up and down faster and faster. He felt the usual signals that told him he was going to cum.

She had felt a twitch in his cock as her mouth engulfed him. She knew what was coming and she stopped abruptly. Quickly standing up she straddled him, and guided his cock into her hot pussy. Slowly lowering her body down on him, impaling her cunt, sliding down on the perfect cock, his cock.

They both groaned at the same time. She was looking down at him from her seat upon him. Looking deeply into each other’s eyes, saying with their eyes, unspoken,' I love you'. Rocking up and down and back and forth, they rode towards their goal. His hands on her hips. Her arms over his shoulders and around his neck.

Almost simultaneously, those familiar sensations began rising in them both. The onset of orgasm began to swell, deep inside their bellies. Kissing and breathing deeply, they knew each was getting close. Each was hold on a little tighter, pushing a little deeper. She began to cum a bit sooner than him, her vaginal muscles starting to clamp tighter around his cock, this in turn, started his orgasm to begin. She ground harder as she was cumming, which sent his seed deep into her wet, hot pussy.

He panted as his dick softly twitched inside her, her final contractions subsiding as well.

They held each other for 10 minutes not saying a word, for none was needed at this moment. As his cock shrank and slipped out of her, they kissed again, "I love you" they spoke. It was very common this synchronicity between them. They padded up stairs to a long nights sleep.

Early in the morning, he rose out of bed, careful not to disturb his sleeping beauty. He decided to run out and get some breakfast for them both. Throwing on some clothes he headed out to the hotel nearby. He saw the paper as he headed to the entrance of the store. He blinked at the head lines in “The Hindu”! saying "India Won the Sony Cup of the three match one day game against the mighty Aussies" blared at him. He grabbed a copy. Flipping it open to the sports section he read.

"Anyone that turned out the TV early missed the most incredible come back in Sony Cup best of three matches. With one ball left, the Turbinator hit 3 successive sixes and created a record of any batsman in the last three balls to win the game. And rightly so he was named as the “Man of the Match”

Our hero thought for a moment and smiled. He didn't miss anything, not a single thing & his mind raced to last night great lovemaking. Rightly so he was ashamed of himself for neglecting his wonderful wife all these days and committing great sin by thinking of another man’s wife in the form of co-worker, secretary, boss’s wife not even sparing the housekeeping ladies etc etc……..Shame on you he heard a voice say in his head and he nodded his head in approval of the saying “A wife is a wife is a wife” the edges of his lips covered into a thin smile.

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